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A simple and convenient service available to anyone. Here you can document your final wishes safely and securely in the comfort of your own home. Login at anytime to update or make any changes if necessary.

You can print a copy of your details to file in a safe place, e-mail a copy to your next of kin or forward a hard copy to your closest Simpler Times Provider to keep on file.

It’s that simple.

Simpler Times offers some of the most cost effective selections for cremation urns and other related products. These selections can be conveniently picked up at any Simpler Times location near you or can be ordered online and shipped direct to the location of your choice. 

All products are backed by a network of reputable funeral homes and funeral service providers who are listening and responding to your changing needs.

To learn more about our product offerings, please feel free to call our toll free number: 1-866-777-0034

Simpler Times offers consumers a new world of choice - Simple and affordable options offered through a network of reputable Independent Funeral Homes and Funeral Service Providers. Simpler Times has stepped in to help you avoid the pit falls when selecting from among the myriad of new low cost providers.

Learn how Simpler Times can help you provide these new low cost options in your community while allowing you to maintain the high standards of facilities and services your traditional families demand.

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